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Luxury Flower Gift set

Luxury Flower Gift set

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Two elegant floral arrangements presented in hexagonal gift boxes with ribbon accents. Each box opens up to reveal a beautifully arranged bouquet and a small drawer at the bottom, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality.

  1. The box on the left is primarily black with gold accents. It contains a vibrant arrangement of red roses and other red flowers. The box is tied with a large black ribbon and has the words "HAVE A FABULOUS DAY" printed inside the lid.

  2. The box on the right is primarily pink with black accents. It contains a delicate arrangement of pink roses and other pink and white flowers. The box is tied with a large pink ribbon and also has the words "HAVE A FABULOUS DAY" printed inside the lid.

Both boxes are placed on top of books, adding to the elegant and stylish presentation. The combination of the high-quality materials, the thoughtful arrangement of the flowers, and the functional drawer makes these gift boxes a perfect choice for a luxurious and memorable present.

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Customer Reviews

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Delightfully Luxurious

I was delighted with the pink flower gift set. The flowers were fresh and arranged beautifully. The hexagonal box with the drawer was a nice touch, and the "HAVE A FABULOUS DAY" message added a personal element. A luxurious gift indeed!

Michael Nash
Exquisite Flower Arrangement

The black and gold flower set exceeded my expectations. The red roses were beautifully arranged, and the box was exquisite. The drawer added a functional element that was greatly appreciated. Perfect for any special occasion.

Beautiful and Practical

The pink flower gift set is both beautiful and practical. The flowers were fresh and lovely, and the pink and black box was very elegant. The drawer was perfect for storing small keepsakes. A wonderful gift!

A Unique Gift

I purchased the black box for my mother’s birthday, and she was thrilled. The flowers were vibrant, and the hexagonal box was very stylish. The drawer added a unique touch that made the gift even more special.

Sophia Resch
Stylish and Functional

I received the pink box for my birthday, and it was beautiful. The flowers were fresh and the arrangement was stylish. The functional drawer at the bottom was a nice surprise and added to the overall appeal. Highly recommended!