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Gift Set with lights

Gift Set with lights

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These are adorable gift baskets illuminated with warm LED lights, creating a magical ambiance. Each basket contains charming elements like a crocheted teddy bear, artificial flowers, and decorative ribbons, adding a touch of sweetness and elegance. Accompanying each basket is a card with the message "LOVE MOMENT," enhancing the sentiment of the gift. These gift baskets are perfect for expressing love and affection on various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Moores
Ideal for Celebrations

This gift basket is ideal for celebrations. The LED lights create a wonderful ambiance, and the basket's contents are thoughtfully arranged. The "LOVE MOMENT" card is a beautiful touch. My partner loved it!

Sophia King
Perfect Presentation

The presentation of this gift set is perfect. The warm LED lights, beautiful flowers, and decorative ribbons make it stand out. The crocheted teddy bear is a cute addition, and the card is lovely.

Delightful Gift

The illuminated gift basket is a delightful gift. The combination of warm lights, artificial flowers, and a cute teddy bear makes it very special. The "LOVE MOMENT" card adds extra sweetness.

Adorable and Heartwarming

This gift set is adorable and heartwarming. The LED lights give it a magical feel, and the contents are charming. The crocheted teddy bear is a lovely touch. Highly recommend!

Perfect for Valentine's Day

I bought this gift basket for Valentine's Day, and it was perfect. The warm LED lights and charming elements create a romantic ambiance. The "LOVE MOMENT" card is a wonderful addition.